Citizen Survey to Better the Community

Have you received any services from the Sedgwick Police Department in the last 12 months? This includes reporting a crime, motor vehicle accident, or any other incident where contact was made with a Sedgwick Police Officer.
Have you been a victim of a crime reported to the Sedgwick Police Department within the last 12 months?
Have you ever attended any community service event or presentation hosted by the Sedgwick Police Department?
How would you rate the overall performance of the Sedgwick Police Department
How do you rate the overall competence of Sedgwick Police Department Employees?
How do you rate the Sedgwick Police Department on criminal law enforcement efforts?
How do you rate the Sedgwick Police Department on crime prevention and community services?
How do you rate the Sedgwick Police Department on traffic safety and enforcement?
How do you rate Sedgwick Police Officers’ attitudes, behaviors and professionalism toward citizens?
How would you rate Sedgwick Police Department addressing concerns and promoting safety and security in your neighborhood?
Are you comfortable in contacting the Sedgwick Police Department with a questions, need, concern, etc?
Do you feel the Sedgwick Police Department practices biased-free policing and respects the rights and dignity of all citizens?
I feel the Sedgwick Police Department helps in providing a safe living environment.
I feel that the City of Sedgwick is a safe place to live.
I feel safe and secure in my neighborhood.
I feel the Sedgwick Police Department understands the needs of the citizens.
I am a resident of Sedgwick, Kansas.
I am a business owner within the City of Sedgwick.
What is your main source on how you receive information on the Sedgwick Police Department?
What is your education level?
Please select your age.
Please select your income level.
Please select your race.
Please select your gender.
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