Sedgwick Industrial Park

The Sedgwick Industrial Park is located on the south edge of the City of Sedgwick and is home to some of the city's largest employers: Unruh Fabricators, Unruh Fire, Wilbur Ellis and TRS Trucking.  The city purchased phase 1 of the park in 2002 in a progressive move to develop the area.  Once infrastructure was in place, the park quickly filled, spurring the city to look at additional land.  In 2007, the City of Sedgwick purchased an additional 60 acres for phase 2 of the park.  Platting of the park and the extension of roads and utilities was completed in the fall of 2009.

Occupants of the industrial park take advantage of excellent transportation accessibility.  There is partial rail access in the park.  Ridge road provides easy access to US Highway 50 and I-135, as well as a convenient drive to Wichita (11 miles) and Mid-Continent Airport.

City staff is actively working to create opportunities for more industries that want to call Sedgwick home. Companies relocating or expanding within the 26-acre park may be eligible for tax incentives. Contact City Hall at (316)772-5151 for information.