Online Payments


Basic Information

Utility bills can be viewed and paid online by clicking the “Pay Online Utility Bills” button below. To make a payment, you will need the following from your utility bill:

  1. Name (as it appears on the bill)
  2. Account Number (located in the upper right section or bottom left corner)

Payments received after midnight, weekends and holidays will be posted on the next business day. Questions can be answered by contacting City Hall, (316) 772-5151, during normal business hours.  

If you need assistance with paying online, call PSN at 866-917-7368.

Pay Online Utility Bills

There are no processing fees assessed to customers when paying utility bills.

Contact Paige Jones for utility questions: utility [at]

Pay Online Court Fees/Fines

Contact Carol Trent for court questions:  ctrent [at]

Pay Online Misc. Fees

Our payment processor charges $1.00 for check/savings payments and 3% (+50 cents if under $100) for credit/debit cards. The amount will be added to your payment prior to you finalizing your payments for court and traffic fines and misc. fees.

Accounts in Collections

If you have been contacted by CBK, please click the above link.  DO NOT use the Utility/Court links as your payment will be declined.