Water and Sewer Extensions & Services Policy

The following is a summary of changes on Procedures For Discontinuance of Service.

Notification: If bills are not paid in full by 10am the 3rd of the following month that the utility service will be disconnected. There will be no further notice. (Door tags will no longer be used to notify you of potential shut off). If the total amount due for such utilities and service is not paid on or before the deadline established, and a payment agreement is not in effect, then such service shall be disconnected for nonpayment, without further notification.

Disconnect: The disconnection charge will be assessed at the moment the Public Works Department employee leaves Municipal Building to begin the shut off process at 10am. Immediately preceding the disconnection of service, the employee shall leave a notice upon the premises in a manner conspicuous to the consumer disclosing the date and time of discontinuance and giving the address and telephone number of the office where the consumer may arrange to have service restored. The city employee who is to disconnect service is not to accept payment of amounts due for utility charges. Payment must be made at the city office.

Reconnection: Utility service will be performed at 9am and 4pm. No reconnections will be made after 4pm. The city shall restore service when the cause of discontinuation of service has been eliminated, applicable charges paid, and if required, satisfactory credit arrangements have been made. Every effort shall be made to restore service on the restoration day by 4pm and in any event, restoration shall be made within 24 hours.

Payment Extension Agreements: Customers must appear at City Hall to sign any payment agreements, prior to the 3rd of the month.
No phone calls accepted. Payment agreements MUST be signed by authorized person on the account. Customers will be permitted no more three (3) extensions for payment of utility bills in a calendar year. If a payment agreement is in effect and not honored, another agreement will not be granted for a full calendar year, and payment in full will be due.

The limit of three (3) extensions applies to the customers account holder. Extensions will not be granted for more than fifteen (15) days after the 3rd of the month.

The complete policy is available here.