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Why is it needed?

The City of Sedgwick has long-awaited a dream of having all of our streets paved. This dream can become a reality by extending the 0.5% citywide retailers sales tax. Typical special assessments would result in a 90% assessment of improvements to the property owner with 10% being assessed to the city at large. The governing body has agreed that if passed, the City will take on 50% of the assessment with the remaining half being assessed back to the property owner. This unprecedented split will drastically reduce the tax burden to the property owner. If passed, gone are the days of potholes and dust clouds, replaced by smooth asphalt, enhancing both safety and aesthetics. This accomplishment would exemplify the power of collective determination.

These infrastructure improvements have a price tag of approximately $2,643,535. In order to fund these critical infrastructure repairs and improvements, additional funds need to be generated each year. By extending the 0.5% citywide sales tax, we will be able to fund the at-large portion of the project with revenue generated from people visiting our city rather than increasing property taxes.

The Proposed Solution: 0.5% Retail Sales Tax

By extending the 0.5% Citywide retailers’ sales tax, the City of Sedgwick can generate approximately $203,000 per year, which would allow the city to:

  • Maintain and improve roads, water system, and other infrastructure on a regular schedule, rather than reacting to problems
  • Create safer roads, sidewalks, and spaces for which our community can be proud
  • Maintain property taxes at 74.990 mills

A sales tax would generate funding not only from people who live in Sedgwick, but also visitors who spend money inside the city limits.

What's the Alternative?

Reducing Services & Shift Money to Infrastructure

Reducing services means cuts to vital areas such parks and public safety. These cuts may lead to lesser recreational offerings and longer wait times for essential service.

Raising Property Taxes

The city council has authority to raise property taxes through a simple majority vote. However, the City of Sedgwick already has a fairly high mill levy so the city council is sensitive to placing more burden on property owners.

Comparison to Neighboring Cities

Sales tax comparison graph

How does Sedgwick’s mill levy compare to other communities in Harvey/Sedgwick County?

Currently, the City of Sedgwick has a higher mill levy than several surrounding communities which is why the City is sensitive to placing more burden on property owners.

City Hesston North Newton Valley Center Bentley Newton Sedgwick Halstead Burrton
Mill Levy 38.439 51.881 54.856 61.784 70.383 74.990 75.406 76.089

How does the City currently allocate the property tax it receives?

For a $100,000 home in Sedgwick, Kansas, the city receives $862 in annual property taxes. This $862 is allocated between city funds as seen in this chart.

How much will this tax generate annually?

Each year the 0.5% sales tax is projected to generate approximately $203,000.

How will the money be used?

The money will be used to maintain and improve the city roads, water system, and other infrastructure on a regular schedule. It will allow the city to move forward with paving Jefferson Avenue - 4th to 7th Street; Lincoln Avenue - 1st to 7th Street; Jackson Avenue -1st to 4th Street; 2nd Street - Jackson to Jefferson; 5th Street - Jackson to Harrison.

What are the benefits of the 0.5% sales tax?

A sales tax is beneficial because it not only generates funding from people who live in Sedgwick, but also people who live outside the city limits. The sales tax would generate funding from anyone spending money within the city limits, which includes those who commute to Sedgwick for work, families who live outside of Sedgwick that are coming to town for school, and visitors coming to town for one of our many events.

What happens if we don’t do this?

In order to provide adequate road maintenance and repairs, we need to invest in our future. Without the continuation of the 0.5% sales tax the City of Sedgwick will have to look into implementing a property tax increase, which means the cost for these improvements would fall solely on property owners within Sedgwick city limits.

What is impacted by the 0.5%?

The 0.5% sales tax will be applied to all purchases made within the city limits, online purchases delivered within the city limits, and vehicles and other goods that are taxed based on an individual’s place of residence.

What is the ballot question?

Shall the following be adopted?

Shall the City of Sedgwick, Kansas, be authorized to impose a one-half of one percent (0.5%) Citywide retailers’ sales tax, the revenue from which will be used for the purposes of providing mill levy support and paying the costs of street and other public improvements of the City, including but not limited to, payment of debt service on financings issued for such purposes, with the collection of such sales tax to commence on January 1, 2025, or as soon thereafter as permitted by law; all pursuant to the provisions of K.S.A. 12-187 et seq., as amended?

To vote in favor of the 0.5% sales tax passing, press the word “YES” on the voting machine, or completely darken the oval to the left of the word “YES’ on the paper ballot

To vote against the 0.5% sales tax passing, press the word “NO” on the voting machine, or completely darkent the oval to the left of the word “NO” on the paper ballot

What is the current maintenance/replacement schedule for roads?

Sedgwick has had an annual program for street repairs for several years. The current program utilizes the PASER rating system which uses eight different visual criteria during inspection to evaluate pavement surface conditions.

What is the lifespan of a road, and what maintenance is done to ensure that lifespan is met?

The typical lifespan of a city road is 20-30 years. To maximize the life of our roads, City staff stays on top of routine maintenance including crack sealing, pothole repairs, and resurfacing as needed.

When is the election, and who can vote?

The election will be held Tuesday, November 7, 2023, and will be open to all registered voters who live within the city limits of Sedgwick, KS.

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