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Recreation Commission

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The Recreation Commission is appointed as follows: Two (2) positions by the City Council, Two (2) positions by the USD 439 School Board and One (1) position by the Recreation Commission. Vacancies are filled as they occur. The Commission Members serve 4 year terms.


Benny Tolin, President (316)213-7854...appointed by the City, term expires May 2027
Lori Kasney, VP (316)208-7702...appointed by School Board, term expires August 2024
Nicole Loeffler, Secretary (316)288-0026...appt'd by School Board, term expires August 2026
Misty Stutzman, Treasurer (316)772-2048...appt'd by REC board, term expires May 2025
Joeabel Saucedo...(316)217-1583...appointed by the City, term expires May 2025


                          , for the positions appointed by

City Council, can be filled out and submitted to Sedgwick City Hall.

Sedgwick Recreation Center PO Box 45, 120 N. Washington

Please contact us through email or Facebook: Sedgwick Recreation Commission


The Sedgwick Recreation Commission would like to encourage all city residents to look into joining our fitness center.

The Recreation Center is operated by the Sedgwick Recreation Commission. The center is open 24 Hours, 7 days a week. With a paid membership, you will receive mobile or key fob access that will allow you access for the length of your membership.

HOW DO YOU GET ACCESS? YOU here for online registration


Notice to all Members - - - a replacement card fee of $25 has taken effect. Please keep track of your cards!

Cost of Membership: (7th/8th grade-contact rec center for membership requirements)

$30.00 per month- Family membership (household, immediate family)

$25.00 per month - Senior Citizen Couple (household, immediate family)

$20.00 per month - Single membership

$15.00 per month - Student (college or high school-annotate grade)

$15.00 per month - Senior Citizen
(60 yrs & older)

**We do offer the option of paying for five (5) months and receiving the sixth (6) month free. Payments are due on the 20th of the month.

A reminder of membership rules: family memberships are for immediate family members residing in the same household, no children younger than 7th grade are allowed to use the facility and 7-8th graders are only allowed in the facility with a parent, and not allowing non-members gym access using your access card. It is important that non-members are not in the gym for insurance pruposes.

The Sedgwick Recreation Commission has installed security cameras at the fitness center for your safety and also, to help prevent misuse of the facility. Misuse of the fitness center includes: vandalism and destruction of the property and allowing non-members to enter the gym using your access card. Misuse will result in forfeited membership.

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