Public Works

Our Maintenance crew was out bright and early clearing the streets for our citizens.

Snow Removal Feb 2013


With the approaching snow storm, the City staff often receives calls from citizens regarding snow removal. Therefore our hope is to address some of these inquiries regarding snow removal policy/procedures for you.

Q. The plow left some snow piled at the end of my driveway, can you send someone over to remove it?

A. There are approximately 650 residential and business properties in the City of Sedgwick. The snow plow crews cannot come back and plow out any driveways due to limited manpower. The City is not responsible for vehicles and trailers left on public streets that may get blocked in with snow/ice deposits occurring during snow removal operations and will not assist in removing such vehicles and trailers from said snow/ice deposits in residential areas. City Policy states that residents are responsible for removing vehicles from the streets when snowfall is eminent.

Q. What constitutes a snow emergency?

A. A snow emergency is defined as a point in time when two inches or more snow has fallen and snow continues to fall or if the weather forecasts have indicated that additional snow will fall. The Police Department will notify the Maintenance Department of the weather and road conditions. For emergency notifications from the City of Sedgwick, sign up for CodeRed Emergency Notification.

Q. Why don't you plow my street?

A. Heavily traveled routes are given greater priority over the less traveled roads. Arterial streets along with those adjacent to schools, medical care centers, areas designated as emergency shelters, as well as commercial areas designated as emergency shelters, as well as commercial areas are given first consideration.

Q. Why is the snow plowed to the middle of the street on Commercial?

A. The snow is plowed to the center of Commercial Ave. from 1st to 8th Street and also on 5th Street from Washington to Franklin to prevent blocking of parking spaces to the businesses. The snow will be removed as soon as practical.

Q. Why are some of the sidewalks downtown not cleaned off?

A. Business owners are being notified of Ordinance 823 which requires all sidewalks in the Central Business District (Commercial from 4th to 6th and 5th Street from Washington to Franklin) to be cleared of snow/ice accumulations upon sidewalks within 12 hours from the time that the snowfall or ice storm ceases.

Snow Removal Policy