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520 N. Commercial, Sedgwick, KS 67135

Police Chief Brian Daily


The Sedgwick Police Department is committed to maintaining the quality of life our residents have come to enjoy by providing professional, courteous service.

Non-emergency police calls are received during normal business hours at (316)416-4056.

For emergencies, dial 911.  If you need an officer to assist you or to file a report, you must dial 911.

If you are going on vacation and would like the police department to watch your house while you are away, print off the Vacation House Security Check Form. 

Fill out and turn in to the Police Department or City Hall.










It happens to everyone and the Sedgwick Police Department would like to help.  If a Sedgwick citizen accidentally locks their keys in the car, please call 911.  if an officer is available, we will respond to help get you into your car. We will need you to sign a waiver, and we will verify ownership. If everything checks out, we can often get you back into your car in less than a minute! If you prefer, we can also get you in touch with a locksmith but our services are FREE! Just here to help.


Brian Daily

Chief of Police


ANIMAL CONTROL CALL 911 or 316-283-4190

If you have any issues with dogs (lost, found, animal in need of care), contact 911 or 316-283-4190.


Administrative Offices

520 N. Commercial/PO Box 131

Sedgwick, Kansas 67135

Phone (316) 772-5151 Fax (316) 772-5592

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