Municipal Court

Court is held at Sedgwick City Hall, 520 N. Commercial, Sedgwick, Kansas on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 4pm.

Shelia Agee, Court Clerk

Joseph L. Uhlman, Judge
Bradley Jantz, Prosecuting Attorney

Probation Check-in Form

If you have been charged with speeding, you may be eligible for the Speeding Diversion Program. (All diversions must be approved by the City Prosecutor)
1) You have NOT been convicted of a moving violation in this or any other state or municipality within the last year.

2) You have not previously participated in a diversion for a moving violation within the last year.

3) You have NOT been convicted of a DUI or serious offense, within the previous five (5) years.

4) You have a valid drivers license.

5) You have current liablity insurance.

1) You have a CDL drivers license

2) You were speeding 20 mph or more than posted speed limit

3) You attempted to elude

4) Driving while suspended

5) Speeding in a school or construction zone

6) Had an accident while speeding

7) Driving recklessly

Diversion Application Fee: $25.00             (non-refundable)

If your application for diversion is accepted, you will enter into an agreement for pre-trial diversion. At the time you sign your DIVERSION AGREEMENT, you must pay all costs, ie fines, court fees, and an additional $75.00 for diversion. No Exceptions!

The city will defer charges against you for one (1) year. If you do not receive any further traffic citations during the diversion period of one (1) year. All charges will be dismissed if diversion is successfully completed.

Speeding Diversion Information

Speeding Diversion Application

Misdemeanor/DUI Diversion Application


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