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City Council 

Mayor & Council

The City of Sedgwick is a 3rd Class City (cities with less than 5,000 in population). The city uses the Mayor/Council form of Government. 
The Mayor and Council serve 4 year terms.

City Council meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, unless they fall on a Holiday. Date of rescheduled meeting is determined by council in a motion.

Meet your Mayor and Council

Mayor: Bryan Chapman - Elected to serve on Council until January, 2026.  Email:


Council Member: Kramer Siemens - elected to serve 1/2022-1/2026. Email:


Council Member: Monty Leonard - elected to serve 01/2020-01/2024.  Email:


Council Member: Dan Hartman - elected to serve 01/2022-1/2026.  Email:

Council Member: Brenda DeHaven - elected to serve 01/2020-01/2024.  Email:

Council Member: Kirby Stucky - elected to serve 04/2015-01/2020.  Re-elected to serve 01/2020-01/2024.  Email:

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